Make Collaboration The Core of Production

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The production cycles for media driven projects are becoming shorter, with tight timelines and budgets forcing teams to turn around quality content at breakneck speed. Collaboration is the key to keeping these productions efficient. In this e-Guide download, we will cover:
  • Mapping current workflow routines
  • Identifying inefficiencies and how to tackle them
  • Engaging specific team roles at the right time
  • Introducing new methods to your production workflow
Discover how your team can utilize early collaboration to plan smarter, shoot faster, and eliminate inefficiencies. Fill out the form to download now.

About Celtx

Celtx is a cloud-based planning system that streamlines media pre-production. With over 4 million creatives in 190+ countries, Celtx tools replace archaic paper trails and inefficient team communication with an all-in-one online studio for scriptwriting, storyboarding, shot blocking, scheduling, and budgeting. To find out more, visit Celtx online.

Modelling Your Collaborative Workflow in 5 Steps